Quietest of Days

This Aberdeenshire landscape caught my heart on a quiet October morning. Scottish evergreen woodland meets an old deciduous tree-line above a broken drystone wall.

Almost Home

Late summer light. The sun setting over the hill in Richmond Park as you make your way home.

Bushy Park

Bushy Park in the borough of Richmond upon Thames is a wonderful place to walk and contemplate. With over 1,000 acres of woodland and open grassland it has a wide variety of spaces, wildlife and characterful flora. This tree is one of my particular favourites and I have often wanted to paint her portrait.

Portrait of a young man resting (Dominic)

Portrait sketch of Dominic Blake in oils. Young man resting. Dominic is an excellent model who I always enjoy working with. He has a great energy and enthusiasm for his craft and one of the most dynamic posers I know. This is one of his more contemplative moments. My aim in this piece was to catch the cool shadow side