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Provence Study

Provence Village study

After working on my huge canvas for so long, it was time for a change. I switched to the smallest thing I had – a tiny canvas board – to paint this little view of a lovely village on a hilltop in Provence, France. Big bold strokes have to be put aside, there really is no room for them here. Even… Read more →

Portrait of Love (2013)

Portrait of Love

I shy away from portraits, they’re famously tricky. Any half-decent art tutor will tell you that no subject is harder than any other. This is almost true.  All forms are just tones, shades and hues.  But the human form and especially faces have a special place in our brains. We have a heightened sensitivity to faces and so we are very… Read more →

Christmas Composition (2013)

Seasonal Composition

Today’s piece is a gently seasonal still life composition.  The intention was to keep it loose and slightly impressionistic. A lot of the mixing was done right there on the canvas. This was a good exercise as I can sometimes get a little too caught up in refinement. Additionally, I didn’t use any medium so the paint is a lot… Read more →

Cornish Groynes (2013)

Cornish Groynes

A moment on one of many wonderful walks along the Cornish coast. The sea doesn’t have to be going wild to be evocative. Here it’s just gently sloshing against the groynes as it comes in. I have specific framing in mind for this so I’m on the lookout for particular materials. I’ll post an update when I find them. Things… Read more →

Cup & Jug with fruit (2013)

Cup & Jug with Fruit

I’ve finished another still life of that Orcadian jug and cup, with fruit this time. I started it a few weeks ago and just kind of gave up.  My confidence waned and I didn’t feel like I could make any improvements.  I felt like I’d had all the lucky moments I was going to get. Today,  despite having a dreadful cold, … Read more →