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Otter Beach to Skye

Otter Beach to Skye

Recently, I had the great privilege of spending a few days in a house on this beach. It’s so stunningly beautiful and peaceful, it’s hard to get sketching – time just trickles by. The house sits only a few feet from the tide’s edge and otters do drop by from time to time. I have the feeling I’m going to… Read more →

Marwick Head

Marwick Head (2015)

Here is a sketch of Marwick Head in Orkney. Off to the right of the frame is the Kitchener memorial and Skara Brae lies only four miles away.  I may well do another sketch at some point to include the memorial.  This time however, I wanted to capture some of the beauty of Marwick Head without showing the influence of… Read more →

Cornish Groynes (2013)

Cornish Groynes

A moment on one of many wonderful walks along the Cornish coast. The sea doesn’t have to be going wild to be evocative. Here it’s just gently sloshing against the groynes as it comes in. I have specific framing in mind for this so I’m on the lookout for particular materials. I’ll post an update when I find them. Things… Read more →