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Marwick Head

Marwick Head (2015)

Here is a sketch of Marwick Head in Orkney. Off to the right of the frame is the Kitchener memorial and Skara Brae lies only four miles away.  I may well do another sketch at some point to include the memorial.  This time however, I wanted to capture some of the beauty of Marwick Head without showing the influence of… Read more →

Birsay Rocks (2014)

Birsay Rocks (2014)

The shoreline at Birsay is a beautiful, relentless place.  The wind rarely dips below a gale, its howl drowning out all but the screaming gulls. As you look out to sea, salty air is thrown at your face, but it’s hard not to find yourself grinning out of the small gap in your hood. Sadly, Karen’s van is no longer… Read more →