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Marwick Head

Marwick Head (2015)

Here is a sketch of Marwick Head in Orkney. Off to the right of the frame is the Kitchener memorial and Skara Brae lies only four miles away.  I may well do another sketch at some point to include the memorial.  This time however, I wanted to capture some of the beauty of Marwick Head without showing the influence of… Read more →

La porte de Mme Dubreuil

La porte de Mme Dubreuil

Above the door the sign reads: DUBREUIL MD TAILLEUR The rest of the front of the building is in the same gorgeous state of disrepair.  I imagine that once, local ladies would leave their children on these steps while they went in for fittings.  Emerging later clutching their new garments carefully crafted by Madamme Dubreuil. Now, the window frames are bleached bare… Read more →