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and on the beach

and on the beach

From time to time, I am kept up at night by an image in my head.  Usually it is sufficient to reach for the sketchbook by the bed so I can take a note of it and get back to sleep.  Sometimes that’s not enough. I made a couple of sketches and one or two notes about the colouring and… Read more →

Sands of Mind

I took a walk along the beach cliffs at Burton Bradstock.  Like everywhere else, this part of the coast has been trying to stand its ground against the sea, goaded by bullying winds.  Every time I’m near the sea I feel it’s been too long since my last visit and am compelled to go down to it and make my peace… Read more →

Waiting… (2014)

I’ve spent more time than I’m used to working on the same piece lately. It’s a big one and I’m not done yet.  This can get quite frustrating as I’ve felt like I’ve been on a roll creatively,  and not completing a piece feels inhibiting. Today I decided to break the routine by doing something different to stir myself up… Read more →