Cup & Jug with Fruit

Cup & Jug with fruit (2013)

Cup & Jug with Fruit

oil on canvas

I’ve finished another still life of that Orcadian jug and cup, with fruit this time. I started it a few weeks ago and just kind of gave up.  My confidence waned and I didn’t feel like I could make any improvements.  I felt like I’d had all the lucky moments I was going to get.

Today,  despite having a dreadful cold,  I decided to give it another go and I think I managed to rescue the cloth from the amorphous blob it had become and give the picture some cohesion.

The thing I learned most here is that those cheap crappy synthetic acrylic brushes I bought by mistake are really good for blending.  They are so soft and pliable,  I can mix colour and blend right on the canvas and get some pretty subtle shifts.

Altogether fairly happy with this one despite its various weaknesses. Ellipses are slightly iffy and if I had more courage I’d probably consider retouching the fruit. However,  it’s time to put down the brushes and walk away from the canvas.